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About Community Connect Oxon 2

In their work at Community Connect Oxon our high experienced experts are guided solely by the best interests of the child and the principles of partnership with its clients and institutions involved in various cases in order to achieve optimal results. In the process of providing services using contractual model and rely on the inclusion of the client to realize the goals of the service.

Operation is subject to teamwork and multidisciplinary approach. Helping process is supervised by specialists. Workers at the Community Connect Oxon have the opportunity for continuous professional development, participation in trainings with diverse themes, receiving methodological support, individual and group supervision, and also participate in multi-disciplinary "laboratories" for discussing cases that are held monthly.

We rely heavily on feedback from our clients and their opinion on the process for ourselves and the results of the service. Since we received such optimistic and motivated to continue.

Services that Community Connect Oxon Centre provides for children and adults:

• Social - pedagogical counseling
• Psychological counseling
• Counseling for children with behavioral problems
• Counseling children who are victims of violence
• Counseling for children in imminent court hearing
• Advising parents
• Support children and parents in the process of reintegration
• Psychological assessment of children from 0 to 3 years
• Assessment of the risk of violence
• School support - to prevent school dropout with support and motivation for learning
• Group works to acquire life and social skills for independent living (such as skills and habits for healthy lifestyle, maintaining personal hygiene, order and cleanliness in the household)
• Workshops of interest to children: "DIY" - two groups cooking for children, "School support", "Tales", "Fashion" and others.
• Relief groups of adoptive parents for adoption; Support groups for foster families.