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Domestic Care

Domestic care is a health care that is provided in the patient's home by health care professionals (the term is also known as home health care). Very often the term domestic care is also used for non-medical care being made by persons who are not nurses, physicians or other licensed medical personnel, while the term home health care refers to care that is applied by licensed persons.

For elderly people with health problems caused by old age or serious chronic disease which can not to fend for theirselves and for their household, Community Connect realized the Domestic Care service. Through it mobile teams for Community Connect from Community Connect provide the necessary for the elderly health and social care at a convenient place for them where they feel most at ease - in their homes.

The aim of the Domestic Care is to give an adequate response to the needs of the elderly, taking into account both their health and social needs. The service provides peace of the old man thanks to the fact that he experiences his old ages in his own home and being able to count on the care and support of professionals that help to improve and maintain the health and dignified experience of old ages.

Domestic care service also includes domestic cleaning because the house must be kept clean. 

Besides the professional care, Community Connect assistants provide warmth and human terms, of which the elderly need at most.