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Community Connect

Community Connect is a free and not-for-profit service supported by the West Oxfordshire Citizens Advice Bureau. We can help you find out about organising lifts / transport, caring for a loved one, useful equipment for your home, where to find financial advice, joining local clubs and activities, and many other services in and around West Oxfordshire and Cherwell.

Community Connect provides a broad array of programs, services and support for older adults and their families.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and opportunities to people in need.

What provides Community Connect?

Services to individuals in need that include:

- Information and Assistance ;
- Transportation ;
- Useful equipment for home ;
- Home care and personal care ;
- Support ;
- Elder services ;
- Options Counseling ;
- Financial advices ;
- Case management ;
- Joining local clubs and activities .

For who is intended Community Connect?

For anyone over the age of 65, who would like to find out about accessing the help they need.

We are always happy to help people who need assistance, advocacy, networking, or London escorts services. People sometimes need help filling out social security papers, public housing applications and we provide the information and assistance that they need. We do not participate in decision - making, we read and explain the documentation. We strive to “connect people, information, resources and communities to enrich the lives of older adults.”